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About Africa
Majestic Africa attracts tourists all over the world, it watered with two oceans and seas and there are 55 countries on the continent. Despite there are a lot of modern states here, Africa is well-known with its tribes, which save their primitive traditions. Also, incredible virgin nature, a huge amount of national parks and safari tours make the country so attractive to nature lovers and those, who prefer extreme tourism. Thanks to the climate, Africa is well-known with its beaches, seas, beauty and the opportunity to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. Africa is so wild, but it’s so mysterious.
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About Europe
Europe are glorified with its strong traditions and culture. Every single city tells about the history of the civilization creation with its constructs, art, architecture and nature. The incredible atmosphere of every country couldn’t be confused with any other state or continent. There is no doubt Europe is a mother of almost every style and type of modern art. Also, fantastic, different nature attracts tourist all the year long. Here you will find either amazing seas and beaches, or endless forests and rocks covered with snow. Europe is so unbelievable beautiful and so various.
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North America
About North America
North America is a big mainland, which includes independent 23 countries and about 20 of dependent territories. For sure, the biggest popularity has the three biggest and main countries of this part of the Earth – the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. These three absolutely different states with authentic culture, traditions and history. Also, the nature varies from side to side. Here you’ll find either hot tropics or cities covered with snow almost whole the year. North America is a part of the Earth, where the European, Indian and Mexican cultures create a mix.
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About Oceania
Oceania is a part of our planet, which usually includes thousands of islands and atolls. First of all, this part of the Earth attracts tourists with its warm, soft climate, a huge amount of beaches, seas, and water resorts and the incredible nature. Also, Oceania calls the most green and water part of the world. Here you’ll find such dissimilar countries as Australia, Fuji, New Zeeland and Hawaii. In any case, Oceania is a place with the various flora and everything, which associated with water.
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About Asia
Asia is one of the most mysterious and the biggest part of the world. It includes 54 countries. There is no doubt that Asia has a great influence in the world in a lot of aspects. This part of the Earth attracts with a harmonic mixture of strong culture and traditions, which are carefully saved, and the development of modern technologies. The nature of Asia varies from tropical to cold fields, so here everyone will find something to observe. It’s obvious that Asia is the part of the world, where the ancient traditions still have played a huge role in a culture of the countries.
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South America
About South America
It seems that South America is one of the brightest continents. Here people like carnivals, festivals and parties. The warm climate and vivid colors of the nature possesses to live the relax life full of celebrations and holidays. Maybe this is the reason why there a lot of poor countries here. But in South America you’ll enjoy the fabulous landscapes, virgin nature and smiled people. There is no doubt, South America is one of the most happy part of the world.
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Middle East
About Middle East
Middle East is the most conservative and enigmatic place in the world, where traditions take the biggest part of people’s life. Despite this this is one of the most technology developed part of the Earth, because of the rich natural resources. Here you’ll find a lot of beautiful Mosques, the extremely hot weather and east hospitality. One the other hand, there are a lot of poor districts in these countries. But in any case there is no doubt Middle East is the most luxury part of the world.
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About Caribbean
The Caribbean is a tropical paradise on the planet. There are a lot of different beaches, islands and parts, where you can deep into the nature, forgetting about the modern dynamic world. The Caribbean is well-known with its soft climate, white sand and azure water full of incredible fauna. That’s why this part of the world is so popular for diving and snorkels. The Caribbean is rightfully considered as the paradise on the Earth.
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